What is this?

It is a combination of entertainment & photography. We will surprise your guests with the full VIP Experience from the second they arrive with flashing lights & camera snaps.  It creates the most glamourous & high energy entrance for your event!


How does it work?

Our surprise paparazzi arrive at your event with their paparazzi-style cameras, ready & waiting to capture your guests, create a hype & give them the welcome they deserve! You can hire as many fake paparazzi performers as you like – the more the better as this will create the perfect high energy welcome to the start of your event.



  • Creates a unique & memorable experience that makes your guests feel like true VIP’s the second they arrive
  • The VIP experience sets the mood of your event right from the beginning
  • Adds a theatrically fun element to your event
  • Relaxes your guests & gets them laughing




A few videos of what the VIP Experience is:

Please note these videos do not belong to GoldLeaf Media Group.